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Honeycomb Dental Centre Ltd. has relocated to a brand new dental surgery in Norwich. John is now working from NR2 Dental Studio at: 177 Unthank Road, NR2 2PQ.


Our 39 year established dental practice has been totally modernised and re-equipped to the highest standards required by current legislation.

The whole focus of our Practice is on quality of customer service.

It is located on Unthank Road, one of the main arterial routes into and out of the City and avoiding the chaos of the City Centre.

177 Unthank Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 2PQ


Tel: 01603 502408

Email: webmail@honeycombdental.co.uk

Honeycomb Dental Centre

John has run Honeycomb Dental Centre, formerly Brundall Dental Surgery, since 1980 and was the first dentist to work between Norwich, Great Yarmouth & Wroxham.

The Practice serviced the general dental needs of the community for 39 years until his emergency admission to hospital in November 2017.

John's philosophy of life is…

“If you can touch someone else's life and make a difference, then you have justified your own existence."

This continues today unabated. John's passion, kindness and care shine out today in all that he does.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry


Minimally invasive dentistry is not simply a buzzword, it is a foundational principal. The public have been bombarded and bamboozled by the media into wanting ever-increasing cosmetic enhancement of their teeth and soft tissues, not always to their best interests.


The basic principal of eradicating dental disease is often overlooked in the headlong rush to improve image and appearance. Enamel and dentine are ‘un-renewable resources’ – we cut them at our peril!


Preparation of a tooth to receive a veneer removes 35% of the structure of the tooth and reduces its ability to resist the forces of chewing dramatically. Preparation of a tooth for a crown reduces the tooth structure by 75%. Both procedures materially influence the long term outlook for the tooth and can irreversibly affect the nerves and blood supply within it.


To make a truly informed consent to treatment, a patient needs to be in full possession of the facts about the treatment they are considering. This includes an outline of the scientific research that supports their treatment. This is the cornerstone of good and predictable dentistry.

John has spent a lifetime pursuing further education and study in many different aspects of dentistry. This has taken him to many exciting places around the world and has allowed him to meet and study with many of the great names in dentistry. This driving passion has given John the opportunity to amass a wealth of knowledge and experience in many diverse aspects of dentistry, and continues today.


John's focus is on the ‘generalist as a specialist’. In a world that is becoming increasingly specialised, there is a definite need for a dental practitioner who can address a wide range of clinical needs, but also has access to specialists in specific fields. This networking of enlightened professionals allows him to address the variety of dental needs which present in the general dental practice every day.

John's Background and Experience

John qualified at Guys Hospital Dental School in 1975 and obtained a diploma in general dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1997

John studied at the L.D. Pankey Institute, University of Miami, Florida in 1984 and 1985

John was a member of Prof. M Wise study circle from 1986 until 2016

John worked in primary care at Oral Health Services, Tasmania, based in Hobart and was credentialed to the Royal Hobart Hospital

John's duties were also supervision of final year students from the Universities of Adelaide & Queensland

John has held the positions of Honorary Lecturer at the University of Adelaide and Assistant Lecturer at the University of Queensland

John also has a Diploma in Veterinary Dentistry from the University of Bristol

John was one of the first cohort to obtain a Fellowship in Laser Dentistry from the Eastman Dental Institute in London in 2018

The medical and dental applications for laser therapy is one of the most important advances since the discovery of antibiotics

The ability of lasers to reduce bacterial infections and accelerate healing
is an exciting adjunct to existing therapies


177 Unthank Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 2PQ